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We are back - IAMB Virtual Conference 2020
Sep 04, 2020

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Dear Colleagues and Friends,

 IAMB is back!

We hope you are all healthy and safe as well as staying connected. We are pleased to announce that the IAMB Conference is back and will be held virtually on December 3-5, 2020.

In this unique environment of COVID-19 we are offering this special virtual opportunity for those who want to add to their academic credentials.

All the unique aspects of an IAMB Conference will continue as we have adapted them to this virtual environment. Our boutique feel continues as well as the other unique attributes that you helped us create. This will be another excellent opportunity, especially for junior faculty and graduate students.

I ask a few things of you:

+++   Please share the attached Call for Papers with your colleagues and graduate students.

+++   Please consider posting an announcement on your social media platforms.

+++   Consider submitting a paper yourselves. We will consider Abstracts, Extended Abstracts
           and Manuscripts (10 pages) for acceptance.

I appreciate your support to help promote our virtual Conference.

All the best,


Click here for Call for Papers:


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