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IAMB Journal - IJMB Change of Leadership
Apr 27, 2017

Dear Colleague,

I apologize for the impersonal email.

We are happy to announce the following changes in the leadership of IJMB, effective immediately:

   *** Meir Russ will no longer server as the chief editor of IJMB.

   *** The journal is going through strategic changes that will result in a faster and more streamlined review process. Detailed information is posted on our new website www.iamb.org

   *** In addition to the Editorial Board for IJMB, the current leadership is:

        Chief EditorRichard Dool, DMgt., responsible for the overall scholarly contribution, health of the Journal, editorial policy and positioning/promotion of the Journal. Oversight of Associate Editors will be divided with the Senior Editor

        Senior EditorStephen Atkins, Ph.D., advise on strategy, direction and trends. Help recruit and oversee Associate Editors & Postgraduate Editorial Assistants

        Managing EditorShmuel Batzri, Ph.D., oversees the entire process and manages the finance, operational and logistics processes


All future communication and/or inquiry regarding IJMB, including past submissions should be addressed to me or someone from the above team.

If you have previously submitted manuscript to IJMB, you will receive a specific email in that regard.

Thank you for your support of IAMB and it journal, IJMB.

Best regards,




Shmuel Batzri, Ph.D.
Managing Editor, IJMB
Academic Affairs, IAMB

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