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  • Current Topics

Basic Information

  • Event Name
  • General Event Information
  • Event Location
  • Start date and end date
  • Description
  • Event Logo and background color
  • Additional images
  • Customized url
  • Easy url
  • View event

Advanced options:

  • Bottom All
  • Language
  • International Localization
  • Hide event
  • Password protect your event
  • Hide description on form
  • Meeting ID
  • Hide Easy ID
  • Custom Form template
  • Keywords
  • Questions
  • Clone this event

2) Communication
--Invitation email
--Confirmation email
--Receipt Email
--Email to Speakers
--Waitlist Email
--Create email list
--Schedule emails and recurring invitations
--Send confirmation email
--Create an email list for this event (this is confusing, should streamline or at least cut out the blank page that says go back to find the list)
--Manage selected list (should change to “manage selected email blast”)
--Import contacts/invitees
Advanced options:
--Integration with Facebook and other social networking sites
--Show Event Registrants (need to preview this with something allowing them to interface with their social networking accounts)
--Email notification (what’s this?)
--Uncheck send email (what’s this?)
--Create article about this event

3) Registration
--Registration codes (need to have this if Section Enrollment will have them too)
--Define what’s visible on front and back-end
--Paypal Email
--Select Currency
--Any other billing info necessary
--Gather guest names
--Add a new ticket (confusing—is this the same as registration or different? I’d take out the Easy Id and linked concurrent group if it’s not registration, and I’d take out registration code and registration name if it’s not registration)
Advanced options:
--Define when registration fills up and automatically shuts off
--Section Enrollment Options (need to change to Committee enrollment options)
--Section Enrollment optional/required
--Section enrolment discounted
--Section enrolment reg codes
--Section Enrollment radio or checkbox
--Allow registration by date (what’s this?)

4) Programming
--Add Sessions (start and end times, description, coding and/or grouping if necessary)
--Import sessions
--Other components (meals, entertainment, breaks—leave the option to define as
well as offer pre-defined categories)
--Concurrent sessions option
--Speakers (upload and download)
--View speaker details
--Selection required option (what’s this?)
Advanced options:
--Set room to full
--Import coordinators (what’s this?)

5) Sales and merchandising
--Add Event tickets (see my coment above for “add a ticket” under Registration)
--T-shirts and other products
--Add expense entry
--Ability to upload images and include descriptions

6) Printing
--Attendee Rosters (broken down by registration type, sessions, ticketed events)
--Name tags
--Letters (confirmation/receipt/speaker/etc.)
--Mailing labels
--Financial reports
--Formatting options (Avery and other industry standards, PDF, etc.)

7) Reports and Charts
--Quick reports
--Complete reports